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After years of war against an unknown foe the peoples of Faerûn have the long process of rebuilding the Sword Coast. The monsters that came from the north, called phantoms, left no evidence of their presence as they pillaged the coast town to town leaving mass starvation and death in their wake.

Thankfully the Lords' Alliance has seen fit to the create the Guilds, a special arm of the Alliance tasked with filling in where local government cannot, to protect and service the free people of the Sword Coast. 

As newly appointed Guild members you have been summoned to Baldur's Gate to fill in the ranks of the city's Guild.  It's been a few months of HARD work rebuilding defenses, helping the citizens with daily tasks, and on occasion working with the city guards to deal with criminals taking advantage of the situation.  

It has been rumored that Guild Master Thoamros Swordhand has plans to assign another team with missions soon.  Perhaps it's your turn?

Home Page

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